UAE Global Aluminum (EGA) launches the first digital manufacturing platform in the region to advance Industry 4.0 strategy

2024-05-28 11:27:03

UAE Global Aluminum Company is the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates after oil and gas. The company announced on May 15th that it will launch one of the first digital manufacturing platforms in the region to unleash more value through Industry 4.0 applications.

EGA and Microsoft have jointly developed a digital manufacturing platform, which is part of their strategic cooperation aimed at advancing EGA’s digital roadmap. This platform supports the integration of hardware, software, processes, and personnel in EGA’s global operations. This platform is built using the latest generation of Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud. It will use artificial intelligence on a large scale in EGA’s global industrial operations, including Jebel Ali and Altavira Al Taweelah, to further improve industrial process efficiency, quality, and safety. The hybrid infrastructure deploys the digital architecture previously used in many defense and aerospace projects, while combining the advantages of public and local hybrid cloud processing.

This digital manufacturing platform will enable EGA to reduce the unit cost of running AI based image and video analysis by more than 80%, while also increasing the speed by 13 times compared to previous solutions. EGA’s digital manufacturing platform currently processes over 2.9 PB of real-time data annually, equivalent to streaming over 32000 movies at 4K resolution, and will be regularly expanded in the future.

EGA and Microsoft are both members of the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology’s Industry 4.0 Champion Network, which aims to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 across the UAE industry.

Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, CEO of UAE Global Aluminum, said, “The grand goal of UAE Global Aluminum is to become a digital beacon for the region and even the global aluminum industry, as we see the enormous potential to unleash additional value for our business through Industry 4.0. The digital manufacturing platform developed in collaboration with Microsoft changes our operations by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence on a large scale, while also unleashing significant opportunities for further Industry 4.0 applications.”
Carlo K Nizam, Chief Digital Officer of UAE Global Aluminum, said, “UAE Global Aluminum’s digital transformation strategy has two parallel tracks that fundamentally change our way of operation – implementing high-impact digital solutions to immediately generate business impact and building an important digital foundation to achieve company wide transformation. Digital manufacturing platforms are one of these key foundations.”


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