Advantages of Hookah Aluminum Foil.

2023-06-02 15:32:50

Why we need hookah aluminium foil to wrap the hookah bowl?
The following is these advantages.

  1. Hookah aluminum foil is very hygienic and odorless.
  2. Hookah aluminum foil has high stability even in a soft state.
  3. Hookah aluminum foil can be recycled multiple times without compromising quality.
  4. Hookah aluminum foil does not absorb liquids.
  5. Hookah aluminum foil in food grade is usually harmless to health.
  6. Hookah aluminum foil only reacts with high concentrations of acids and alkaline substances. In addition, it has strong resistance to corrosion.
  7. Hookah aluminum foil is more durable and environmentally friendly.
  8. Hookah aluminium foil is disposable, it’s more convennient and cost-effective than the Carbon Charcoal Isolation Holder.
  9. The lightweight of aluminum reduces the energy required during transportation.

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