Is tin foil the same as aluminum foil?

2023-05-26 14:58:59

Is tin foil the same as aluminum foil?

The aluminum foil we see in the market now is no longer made of tin because it is more expensive and has poor durability than aluminum.

The initial tin foil was really made of tin. Tin foil was softer than aluminum foil, but when you wrap food, it would have a slight smell of tin. At the same time, tin foil was limited in its use in food packaging due to its low melting point, which could not be heated, or the heating temperature, which started to become brittle above 160 ℃. So if food needs to be roasted, tin foil cannot be used. Since the production of aluminum foil, it only melts when heated to above 660 ℃ due to its high melting point. Therefore we can make it more suitable for ordinary barbecue food and baked goods. Aluminum foil is used to wrap hookah bowls, which is more clean and more hygienic while maintaining its original flavor. So later, when the price of aluminum decreased, aluminum foil replaced tin foil in daily life.

So, the term ‘tin foil’ now refers to aluminum foil in many regions. The terms’ tin paper ‘,’ tin foil ‘, and’ aluminum foil ‘all refer to the same product.

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